Using lmc_tween in Flash 8 without installing the extension

My brain is made of honey. In my previous post on lmc_tween. I wrote I would explore ways of getting lmc_tween working in Flash 8 which did not require installing the extension.

The obvious solution that came to me five minutes after posting is to stick all the lmc_tween classes into a directory and include it in your classpath.

Disclaimer: I recommend this method only for working with old code that uses lmc_tween. For new projects I strongly suggest you use Fuse Kit instead.

  1. Go to the lmc_tween site.
  2. Scroll down to the “Ziped version” (sic), and download version 120. Direct link. (lmc_tween is no longer in development, this is the last version).
  3. Extract the downloaded file and copy the new directory to your source folder.
  4. Somewhere inside your code you should have

    #include "".

    You need to modify this to point to the new source directory. For instance I renamed the extracted directory “lmc_tween”, so my line changes to

    #include "lmc_tween/".

  5. Add your lmc_tween directory to your FLA’s classpath:
    File > Publish Settings > Flash Next to ActionScript version select the Settings... button and add your extracted directory to the list of classpaths.

  6. If you have previously installed the lmc_tween extension, you can disable it now by selecting:

    Help > Manage Extensions

    And untick the box next to Movieclip Tweening Prototypes. You will have to restart Flash.

Now you, and anyone else who works on this project, will be able to compile it without the installing extensions and overwriting Macromedia’s core classes.

Happy Minor Edits!

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